Road of the king ocg

10 Metagame Report #7. .

610 Metagame Report #8. by Akira · 20 November 2020. This report will tabulate 96 top-placing decks from 16 Japanese tournaments that were. 1107 Metagame Report #7. Welcome to Week #8, #9 of the OCG 2022 This report will tabulate 105 top-performing decks from 22 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and South Korea during 19 - 27 November 2022. The OCG 2021. OCG Asia Card Sleeves 2004 - 2013. The end of Performapal opens up the format for Blue-Eyes to shine in the competitive scene. Against Invoked, Retaliating "C" can be chained to Invocation. OCG 2019.

Road of the king ocg

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Players that made Day 2 are allowed to make changes and resubmit their deck lists before the start of Day 2. Yu-Gi-Oh! 30 May 2024. Duelist Cup 2023 China Mainland Finals was held in Shanghai, China on 17 June 2023 and had 72 participants. by Akira · 6 November 2019.

Green pavement is porous, meaning that it permits water to seep through to the ground. 01 format, with Altergeist Multifaker at 1, Altergeist is still at a handicap in consistency. Welcome to Week #4 of the OCG 2018 YOT Taiwan 2018. Welcome to Week #3, #4 of the OCG 2020 Due to the current situation, the original criteria that the metagame reports had of only including tournaments with 30 or more participants is no longer feasible.

Welcome to Week #3 of the OCG 2019 This report will tabulate 35 top-performing decks from 5 tournaments that were held in Japan and China during 19 - 22 January 2019 the Orcust of the Evening Star to bring out True King of All Calamities. Code of the Duelist will be released later this week, and we might experience a metagame shift YOT Hong Kong 2017 is happening this weekend and it will be the very first major tournament to be held with Code of the Duelist available. ….

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Welcome to Week #4, #5 of the OCG 2023 This report will tabulate 155 top-performing decks from 38 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland, South Korea and Vietnam during 21 - 29 January 2023. The "2020 Taiwan 3-on-3 Team Tournament" will be held this coming weekend. All major tournaments such as the Japan Championship, Area Championship and Duelist King Cup are played with the Best-of-Three match system.

Deskbot 001 + "Mecha Phantom Beast Token" → Herald of the Arc Light. 07 Metagame (1 Jul - 30 Sep 2021) Zoodiac Drident becoming Forbidden significantly reduced Tri-Brigade's presence, before Burst of Destiny brings forth the biggest impact of the year on the metagame.

threalbritfit Welcome to Week #3, #4 of the OCG 2020 This report will tabulate 80 top-performing decks from 17 tournaments that were held in Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and Vietnam during 18 - 28 July 2020. The store metagame report takes a different approach by lowering the requirement to 16 or more participants. Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG 2015. digital heat fx i550swgoh 4 life Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Salamangreat Combo article covered several different combos using only Salamangreat cards. vsc light on lexus Post-CORE Metagame Breakdown of OCG 2015 Clash of Rebellions (CORE) was released on the 25th April 2015. used cars for sale by owner in albuquerquerebecca corbettamazon door handles The following were excluded from this tabulation as LINK VRAINS Pack 2 was not allowed in these tournaments: Asia Judge 2016. 2018-07-07 | 9th Garosu CS with Hatti CS ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Tags: Deck List Metagame Weekly Report. vent cleaning service near me by Akira · 17 July 2021. Day 2: Top 32 Single-Elimination OCG 2019. co writerspron x xxprincessspear It was held together with Dragon Duel Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2018 and Duel Links World Championship 2018.